Ben Franklin the diplomat (Part 4 of the Biography)

Ben Franklin was a man of prolific talent. Beyond his inventions and scientific inquiry he sought to be an active member of his community and involved in shaping the future of his home. Starting in his youth with his persona Silence Dogood he commented and reflected upon life in the American colonies and the changes […]

The inspiring Life of Benjamin Franklin Part 2

Ben Franklin’s success really grew with his publication Poor Richard’s Almanack. The book full of witticisms and advice, both original and borrowed, was so popular that he soon had time to branch out to other ventures. He continued to publish, producing early American magazines and other essays. Throughout his life he would often sign his […]

The achievements, inventions and life of Ben Franklin – Part 1

Boston, Massachusetts has seen its fair share of famous Americans going back to the beginning of the nation. As one of the flashpoints of the American Revolution, there are several recognizable names. One of the most famous may be John Adams, second president of the United States and Founding Father. However, there was another famous […]

The early life of Caroline Herschel

Thе ѕtоrу оf Cаrоlinе Luсrеtiа Hershel iѕ a fairy tale, not unlike that of Cinderella. Yet, it wasn’t a рrinсе bеаring a glass ѕhое that сhаngеd hеr lifе. It wаѕ thе glass of tеlеѕсореѕ and a sibling that shared her interest in astronomy. Caroline Hеrѕсhеl was born оn Mаrсh 16th, 1750, in Hannover, Gеrmаnу. Hеr […]

The inspirational achievements of Lise Meitner

A lof for science from a young age Lise Meitner (who was Born Elise Meitner) started her first experiment when she was eight years old. The year was 1886 and she hid her records beneath her pillow at night. She was fascinated by math and science. Her first interest centered around colors, the swirling patterns […]