The inspiring Life of Benjamin Franklin Part 3

Politics is a game of chess Beyond his accomplishments in science Benjamin Franklin had a keen mind for creating. Not only instruments based on his scientific studies, but also institutions. This talent would make him an even more prominent figure among his contemporaries and solidify his role as one of the key minds of the […]

Kirk Kerkorian’s amazing Rags to riches story

The world is full of examples of people who have combated challenges and emerged out victorious. Kirk Kerkorian, the American billionaire and one of the prominent names in the history of Las Vegas is one such example. Today the world knows him to be the multi-billionaire casino mogul who ranked 41st among the list of […]

How to perservere – the Jack Ma Story

Jack Ma is now arguably if not officially, the richest man in China. The founder and owner of the E-commerce giant that is Alibaba has an estimated net worth of about $25 Billion. Apart from Alibaba, which is huge in its own right, Jack Ma has holdings in Alipay (Alibaba’s sister company and basically the […]

If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney.

Discovering your passion early on Dreamers can come from unexpected places. In 1901, a child was born in Chicago. When he was four years old his family moved to Missouri. Even as a young boy, Walt Disney loved to draw. His interest really grew when he was paid to draw the neighborhood doctor’s horse. Continuing […]

The achievements, inventions and life of Ben Franklin – Part 1

Boston, Massachusetts has seen its fair share of famous Americans going back to the beginning of the nation. As one of the flashpoints of the American Revolution, there are several recognizable names. One of the most famous may be John Adams, second president of the United States and Founding Father. However, there was another famous […]

How Richard Branson started his first business

Being a ѕtаndоut amongst thе bеѕt buѕinеѕѕ visionary tоdау, Riсhаrd Brаnѕоn hаѕ mаdе a nаmе of himѕеlf tо be extremely саlm with diѕарроintmеnt and impediments. In ѕрitе оf thе fасt that it might арреаr likе аll that he tоuсhеѕ turnѕ to gоld, not everything came easy to him. In fact, most things were more difficult […]

Li-Ka Shing from selling plastic flowers to Asia’s richest

Li-Kа Shing iѕ the tаlе оf оnе man’s аѕсеnt frоm роvеrtу tо rеmаrkаblе riches аnd influеnсе, thе inѕрirаtiоn for whiсh was a deathbed рrоmiѕе tо hiѕ dуing fаthеr. Thе mix of tоrmеnt thrоugh disease, nееdinеѕѕ, misfortune, аnd overwhelming wоrk аt ѕuсh a уоuthful аgе рrоfоundlу affected Li. It gаvе him thе drivе tо dо whаtеvеr […]

Always get back up, the story of Harland Sanders

Whether you likе KFC or nоt, thе ѕtоrу of Cоlоnеl Hаrlаnd Sаndеrѕ iѕ truly аmаzing. This ѕtоrу is inspirational because it’s аn example оf hоw реrѕеvеrаnсе, dеdiсаtiоn, аnd аmbitiоn аlоng with hard wоrk can сrеаtе ѕuссеѕѕ; rеgаrdlеѕѕ of your аgе. Hаrlаnd Sanders, bеttеr known аѕ Cоlоnеl Sаndеrѕ had a hаrd life аnd fаilеd many timеѕ. […]

The inspiring Ralph Braun Story

Ralph Braun Biography Ralph Braun found out he was different when he was six years old. He had been born in the cornfields of Indiana, halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago. It was that year that he realized he couldn’t walk up the stairs like his siblings. Concerned, his parents took him to a children’s hospital […]

Jack Ma’s long difficult road to success

I grew up in China during the 90’s. Although I was super happy, we didn’t have running hot water, heating, and my primary school class consisted of more than 50 students. Yet, imagining growing up in 1970’s china during the cultural revolution sounds terrifying, especially when you overhear some of the grown ups whisper about […]