If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney.

Discovering your passion early on Dreamers can come from unexpected places. In 1901, a child was born in Chicago. When he was four years old his family moved to Missouri. Even as a young boy, Walt Disney loved to draw. His interest really grew when he was paid to draw the neighborhood doctor’s horse. Continuing […]

The achievements, inventions and life of Ben Franklin – Part 1

Boston, Massachusetts has seen its fair share of famous Americans going back to the beginning of the nation. As one of the flashpoints of the American Revolution, there are several recognizable names. One of the most famous may be John Adams, second president of the United States and Founding Father. However, there was another famous […]

Joy Adamson, mother of lions

In 1910, in what was then Austria-Hungary, Friederike Victoria Adamson was born, although she would often go by the name “Joy”. As the daughter of an architect, she grew up with the privilege of being able to learn art and attend school. She didn’t gain fame when she was young, just a passion for science […]

When Jean-Dominique Bаubу wouldn’t let anything keep him down

Hiѕ mind wаѕ ѕhаrр, but hiѕ viѕiоn wаѕ blurrеd. Hе could think, but could not talk.  Hе wanted to writе, but соuld nоt uѕе hiѕ hands.  With оnе еуе ѕеwn shut, hiѕ оnlу mеаnѕ оf соmmuniсаtiоn wаѕ by blinking hiѕ lеft еуе. Yеt with аll hiѕ obstacles аnd сhаllеngеѕ, he wаѕ able tо ”write” a […]

A Story about Persistence

Robert knew that being a writer was hard. After all, being a writer was never a simple thing. It was creating something out of nothing. Using words to build a world or describe reality, whatever the wordsmith chose. Sitting in his home in England he looked at the manuscript that he had created. It was […]