Jack Ma’s Inspiring Timeline to success.

1964 – Born
Jack was born on the 10th of September in the year 1964 in Hangzhou China to two professional Ping Tan Performers (Folklore Performers).

He has two siblings, a brother and a sister.

1976 – Started to learn english
Jack bought a radio player when he was twelve years old to listen to English broadcasts, this is when he started to develop his interest to learn English.

1977 – Gets kicked out of school
Jack got expelled in 1977 because he got into fist fights with some students. He transferred to Middle eighth School of Hangzhou.

1978 – Ma fails his High School Entrance exam for the first time.

1979 -Ma failes his High School Entrance exam for the second time.

1980 – Jack Ma works as a free tourist guide in Hangzhou.
Jack decided he wanted to practice his English, so during his teenage years the Yangtze Crocodile showed around foreigners through his hometown of Hangzhou.
And even though he rode his bicycle 40 minutes to and 40 minutes back each day, he did this for free making livelong friends along the way.

He also passes his High School entrance exam this year.

1982 – Ma enters the college Exams
And failed miserably receiving only 1 of 100 points in math. Frustrated, and thinking he might not be cut out for academic life, Jack Ma applied for a job at the first KFC opening in Hangzhou, and was rejected.

1983 – Ma enters the college Entrance examinations for a second time.
And improved a little, altough failing math again, he got a total of 19 of 100 points this time.His parents told him that one of their wishes was for him to attend university.

1984 – Ma enters the college Entrance examinations for a third time.
Determined to make his parents proud the young Jack Ma studied relentless and entered the college Entrance examinations for a third time, this time, earning a passing grade of 89 Points in math.
However, he failed the exam missing overall 5 points.

1985 – Ma passes and enters college.
Jack Ma’s determination and tenacity finally paid off. He successfully passes the entrance examination at Hangzhou Normal University and enrolls as an English major.

1988 – Jack receives his bachelor degree and graduates from college.
While there he became Head of the Student Council, was top five in his classes and served two terms as chairman for the student association of the city of Hangzhou.

He became an English teacher shortly after graduation earning about 12 Dollars a month.

1992 Founds his first company
Struggling to make a better living Jack Starts Haibo translation services which employed retired English teachers as translators.

1994 – Haibo’s missing business, struggling to stay afloat.
Not a successful business Jack decides to look for opportunities and business for his translation services elsewhere and abroad.
While in the United States for the first time to translate, his american Friend from Seattle introduces Jack to the internet.
The first thing he searched? Beer.

Finally earning a little bit of Money, Jack invests his money and made a page about china.
Because apparently there was no information about chinese beer on his friend Bill’s laptop.
He launched the site some day at 9:40 in the morning and by noon he had received email inquiries already about his page.
That was the moment Jack truly became interested in the Internet and it opened his eyes for the potential.

1995 – Haibo Translation Services turns a profit.
In April 1995 Jack and his Wife Cathy went around and asked friends and family for money to start China Yellow Pages, a company that makes websites for chinese businesses.
Jack buys his first computer.


1999 February 21st. China Yellow Pages failed Founding of Alibaba.
Jack Ma gathers 17 of his friends and relatives at his apartment to found alibaba online.

2002 – Alibaba Online posts it’s first profit.

2003 – May. Founds Taobao Online.
China’s biggest end-consumer e-commerce platform.
2004 – December. Founds Alipay, the equivalent to paypal in the west.

2007 – November Alibaba has it’s IPO on the Hongkong Stock Exchange.
It’s Index Handle is 1688 a play to it’s chinese website adress 1688.com.
Alibaba raises 1.65 Billion US Dollars that day.

2009 – Jack Ma founds Alibaba Cloud, similar to Amazon’s AWS which is now one of the leading services of cloud computing worldwide.
0.3 % of Alibaba’s annual revenues will forth on be donated to environmental protection causes.

2011 – Taobao becomes so large by itself, Alibaba reorganizes the company into three seperate companies. Tmall, Taobao Marketplace and eTao. Taobao Marketplace is one of the top ten most visited websites on the internet now.

2012 – Jack Ma takes Alibaba private again and delists Alibaba.com from the Hongkong Stock Exchange. A move many criticized and saw as failure at the time.

2014 – September Alibaba has the biggest IPO in History on the New York Stock Exchange.
It’s still listed under the Handle “BABA”. They raise about 25 Billion US Dollars.

Alibaba continues to thrive, Jack Ma continues to amaze, a man who hasn’t written a single line of code, according to himself knows nothing about technology has become the undisputed king of the internet in the east.

Jack is a Tai Chi Master